Nantasket Fly Box was started as a way to sell flies and to introduce people to fly fishing. We envisioned ending up as a traditional fly shop with sales, lessons, and charters. That's not what happened. It turned out that Nantasket Fly Box became a fly fishing charter company on one side of the business card, and a custom cabinet company on the other. It seems to work fine that way, so we are going with it.

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Our Vision.


"Exploring our local world with a fly rod in hand"

Come fishing with us, experience being part of the local ecosystem. Look anew at the estuaries feeding the rivers that provide baitfish for the Stripers we love to catch. Match the hatch. Have your heart stop just for a second when you realize how big a fish just swirled behind your fly, strip the fly back in, cast again and feed that fish your fly. Marvel at the fresh colors and the seeing eye of the fish as you release it with its water-tossing angry tail flip back into the ocean. Stand up, drenched, to do it again.

The other side of the card:

Go home. Let us build you furniture or cabinets that you helped design. Enjoy living with pieces that were crafted for your living spaces. If your project is bigger, let us introduce you to a team of professionals that are the ones we use too. 

Company Profile.


Christopher Hidell & friends are Nantasket Fly Box. Christopher's background is in Architectural Engineering & Design with a B.S. (in Art) from Northeastern University. It took 10 years and 7 colleges to get that B.S., but if asked, Christopher feels that the freedom he learned to explore at the Haystack School of Crafts in Deer Island, Maine was the path that lead to his career. 

Christopher & friends were Hidell & Company, LLC for 23 years, building custom furniture and cabinets from New York to Maine from the shop located in the renovated Paragon Park Warehouse at Nantasket Beach, Hull, Massachusetts. Hidell & Co closed in late 2012 with Christopher's stage 3 cancer diagnosis and related treatments. 

Cancer sucks. Thanks to his amazing wife Tricia and his close friends. Christopher was able to fly fish through the three years of cancer treatments that saved his life. To re-learn digital dexterity after the neuropathy that is a permanent result of chemotherapy, Christopher started tying flies again, something he first learned at age 10 from the long gone Bibeau's Fly Shop in the Sebago Lake region of Maine. Suddenly, guides and fellow anglers started ordering dozens of flies and Nantasket Fly Box was born. An online shop followed.

And here we are. Nantasket Fly Box has absorbed the short-lived Click and Pawl cabinet shop that Christopher started in 2018. Christopher has his USCG Captain's License and does fly fishing only charters around Boston Harbor, based out of Nantasket Beach/Hull. He enjoys taking people fly fishing and showing them the natural & man-made beauty of the Boston Harbor islands and estuaries. In his spare time, he designs and builds custom cabinetry & furniture.