Custom Cabinets, Furniture, & Design




We have over 23 years of custom cabinetmaking experience. Last winter we completed our 107th and final kitchen, we have designed, fabricated, and installed them from New York to Maine. We worked with architects, designers, lumberyards, builders, and homeowners. Since that last kitchen, we have concentrated on smaller projects, most local to the shop. Our capabilities run from built-ins, custom exterior & interior doors, lathe turnings, and veneer work. We prefer to utilize materials that are on their second time around- recycle. 




Christopher started as a sculptor, but found that custom crafted furniture gave him the same enjoyment and challenges, but allowed him to pay the bills and to build the shop that later became a custom cabinet company. For the whole 23 years of previous experience, we always had a custom crafted table or some unique piece moving through the shop, usually something that matched a customer's kitchen or made from a special tree that was storm-damaged.




We dream, sketch, we draft, we build, sometimes we outsource. Christopher's background is architectural design. It was natural that the sketches about our relationship to the space around us became sculpture, he got serious and it became furniture, he got a mortgage and it became cabinets. Now, he gets to dream in multiple materials, use many processes and techniques. It all ties together.